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We rotate IP addresses at regular intervals and address a major need in industry by providing IP (Internet Protocol) address and host rotation services to search engine submission companies or other companies who regularly need to harvest information from the web. Search Engine Submission companies who do regular submissions to search engines often find out that their submissions are blocked by search engines since the engines will not allow more than a certain amount of requests coming from a single IP address within a specified timeframe. By rotating IP addresses, we solve this problem rather easily. IP numbers and hosts are rotated at pre-configured times. Therefore, the engines do not see all submissions originating from the same host or IP number.

When we were doing submissions for our clients we often found out that our submissions are being rejected since they are originating from a single IP address as far as the search engines are concerned. Few of our clients voiced the same concerns and asked us to provide an alternative for them since we are specialized in proxy and firewall services. That is how we started developing our own proprietary IP rotation system in house that rotates and changes IP addresses automatically and achieved the results we want to obtain: Continuous mass submissions without being banned or blocked by engines! 

Our operations are extremely simple: We assign each client a single host and port to use and they connect their backend programs or software to our server and everything works seamlessly. The client needs to specify only a single address in their program and does not need to change any settings from then on. Everything is being done automatically on our servers. Depending on setups, we usually rotate IP addresses every few minutes from our IP pool so the search engines see the submissions coming from different IP addresses. This allows our clients to submit continuously to search engine companies without worrying about getting banned or blocked. As a result, the client business can grow without search engine limitations.


Who can benefit from rotating IP addresses?
The use of our services are very broad depending on client needs and requests. However, those are likely to benefit the most from our service:
- SEO Submission Companies
- SEO Harvesting Companies
- QA: Quantity and Quality Analysis Companies obtaining their resources from the web
- Harvesters: Any company that needs to spider or harvest web sites to obtain their raw data
- Repeaters: Any company that visits the same web site continuously and does not want to get blocked
What are the benefits of rotating IP addresses?
Key advantages of our service can be summarized as follows:
- Unrivalled service: with no similar competition from any other company
- No bans or rejections by destination sites: (tricks of the trade applied to avoid Yahoo, Google and similiar search engine bans)
- No limits on your growth, due to destination site restrictions
- Simple configuration on your backend software or program
- No need to change any other settings again once configured.
- Unique host and port for each client
- Unique IP addresses for each client -- your IPs are not being shared by other clients 
- IP address sets are not contiguous and obtained from different IP pools for client protection
- Redundant servers for trouble-free uninterrupted operations with connections to different backbones
- Choice of Intel or Alpha servers equipped with latest hardware
- 100% uptime guaranteed! 
- Scaleable, reliable and highly customizable
- Burstable bandwidth to 1000 Mbps Ethernet Network with 0.5 Mbps minimum allocated bandwidth to each client 
- Hits: Massive amount of hits allowed in each package (0.5 Million hits per month) 


The basic package contains 50 IP addresses rotated every few minutes with 0.5 Million hits or connections per month. Options can be customized to suit individual needs.
- Basic Package: call for a quote

If you are a private user wanting not to be tied up to the same IP address, all the information above applies to you too. The limitation for a private user is that there cannot be repetitive use of the service as is the case with data harvesting for corporate clients. If you require rotating IP addresses for your browsing needs, this is the service for you. We rotate IP addresses for you at short intervals. You do not need to make additional configurations. Individuals can also control their IP addresses by specifying it in their usernames.
- Individual Package: call for a quote ( 50 IP addresses) comes with FULL PROXY PACK
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