Our IP rotation and rental service for Craigslist is for serious businesses. This is not a service school children can afford. Please consider this before you are moving any further.

There are many factors to consider in order to get your Craigslist posts show up.

 The best advice we can give you is: DON'T USE AUTOMATED SOFTWARE. You will get your accounts and ISP netblocks banned. CL is a very targeted medium, and they combat SPAM effectively. That is why it works so well. If it was spammed to death, it would have been useless.

 Guidlines you should follow:

 Craigslist Accounts

You have to make sure you post only 1 ad in 48 hours per CL account (not 2 days -- 48 hours). Any faster than this will be considered SPAMming and will have your accounts banned and your IPs blocked. However, if each one of your ads is different, this requirement can be relaxed.

So to post 25 ads to CL per day, you would need 50 accounts. 

 IP Rotation

You have to tie each PVA (Phone Verified Account) to a single IP address. If you use 2 accounts from the same IP, you will get both accounts restricted and IP blocked. Our IPs are clean for each client. They are not used and abused by everyone else. You are the owner and you are responsible. Our system is very effective and easy to use.

 Posters used to utilize proxies or ip rental services however those IP blocked have been banned by Craigslist almost 2 years ago due to abuse and spamming. Most of the time you would see you cannot post at all or your ads would be ghosted if any of these are utilized. Waste of time.


It would help if headings of each post is unique. Not a requirement, but would avoid auto-filters. 

Ad Content

Better to use a picture. There are too many words that will raise red flags with CL and if you have one of these in your ad body, it could cause your entire ad to be ghosted. Make sure picture size and name is different in each post. If you use links in your ads, you must be extra careful to change them in each post otherwise your ads would be deleted quicker. 

Flagged Ads

Some of your ads will get flagged, but don’t get discouraged. There are people out there that live for flagging ads. Just repost and move on. There is nothing you can do about this, and you’re not doing anything wrong when this happens. You’ll see your ad flagged more often if you’re posting in a category where your ad doesn’t fit very good. Just find the best category and go with it.



Presently, only TEXAS (TX) IPs are available for use with Craigslist. IP addresses are changed automatically every 10 minutes. These are clean residential IP addresses, no softblock, hardblock or ghosting. There is no IP duplicates and unlimited IPs are provided from a very large IP pool. No setup is required, very easy to use. Client needs to only open a proxy connection to us.
- Craigslist Package: $899 per month plus $899 one-time setup fee
Contact for Sales and Support
Please contact Sam Maselli, our Marketing Coordinator for IP rotation services, for further sales or support details. If you do not hear a response same day, it means there is an email problem. Please resend the mail to and make sure you check your SPAM folder. 1996-2013 ©